Lea McKenna-Garcia

Actor | Writer | Singer | All-Around Nice Gal


A re-telling of the Hans Christian Andersen story, 'The Wild Swans.' 

A story in two episodes for the Girl Tales podcast.

Listen to Part One here.

Listen to Part Two here.

Elisa and the Swans


(Soon to be available for perusal on the New Play Exchange. Keep an eye out!)

CLose your eyes and it's almost like they're people 

It's just another day at the office, until it isn't.

A black comedy satire of financial-types for 3m.

Production history: Reading at the Barrow Group, Spring 2018

all your marxist talk is disturbing jesus

The first play in a triptych of shorts, all set in the CCD classroom of a Catholic Church. Hired hands Grady and Rosie discuss class on break during a catered affair

A comedy for 1m, 1w.

Production history: Reading at the Barrow Group, Spring 2018

abridged theatre history for people who have a cursory interest*

*(please note we have not verified these facts)

Eric and Ray discuss the timelessness of theater and stories and the devil.

A comedy for 2m.


Claudia and Bill are trying to save their marriage. Can Dr. Phillips and her trusty sock monkey Herbert help this couple survive?

A dramedy for 1m, 2w.

Production history: Performed at the 8x10 TheatreFest at the Weathervane Playhouse, Summer 2018

Couch monkey

On a very hot day, two old friends meet a mysterious woman in the woods.

A dramedy for 1m, 2w.

Production history: Written for and performed as part of the Barrow Group's Fast Play Fest, Summer 2018



Meet Me on the Mountain Top, and Boy What You're Bound to See



A contemporary response to D. H. Lawrence’s LADY CHATTERLEY’S LOVER.* (*Complete with jokes.)

A comic fable for our time (with notes of drama) for 4w, 4m.

Development history: Staged reading as part of New Light Theater Project’s Female Festival, Autumn 2018