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In a dark, dark room...

On April 13th and 14th, I premiered the first section of my new play Interlude with Allegra at New Light Theater Project's development series, Darkroom. Darkroom is set up so that artists can showcase the first 15 minutes of a new work. In England, these are called scratch nights, and they're basically a chance for the theatre maker to see what is working/working less in their piece in front of an audience. Then they can go back and continue to shape with that feedback and perspective. It's incredibly valuable to have evenings like this, especially as a writer. While you're building a play, you're doing it in small rooms with few people other than yourself (sometimes only yourself), but you're trying to make something to offer to many. Workshops and readings give the writer a chance to see if their point is coming across, if the characters are engaging off of the page, and, on the whole, if the thing is interesting to other people besides themselves. I think all new work should have the opportunity for a kind of "public airing" before it's finalized--there's nothing more valuable than audience feedback. After all: the thing is made for them. 

The response to Allegra was incredibly positive, and I'm so grateful to everyone I knew who came out to support both the work and the event. I will look back on that encouragement as I face the dread of writing the second draft......... 

"I'm moving." (pic. by Steve Pisano)

"I'm moving." (pic. by Steve Pisano)