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BREEDERS comes to an end...

We closed Breeders on Saturday. This has been such an extraordinary project with such an incredible team. I truly felt at home in Dan Giles's text, and I hope this will be the first of many collaborations with him, and as well as many of the other artists who put so much effort and focus into making this production happen.

These moments can be bitter sweet--a world and a life you've built for months, ending in a final black out one Saturday evening. But there are advantages to not being in the theater five nights a week. You have time for other things--like laundry, and grocery shopping, and exercise. Eating eight mock-baby hamsters 5-6x a week has definitely begun to take it's toll on certain regions of my body those over-sized hamster suits kept so well hidden...So I'm going to lean into that (and maybe go outside?!) for a little while.

And on to the next.

Breeders Co.JPG